Any Phone Number

Toll Free Numbers

A toll free number can be used to advertise your business everywhere, nationwide, using a single phone number. Toll free numbers are often used to convey a large, professional, business presence.

Local Numbers

A local number can give you and your business an established, local presence in your community. Local numbers have the advantage of being familiar to your local callers.

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Keep Your Existing Number

Already have a local or toll free number with another company? Number portability (LNP) means you can easily transfer your number to Voice Mail Depot.

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Professional Features

Customized Greetings

Control what your callers and customers hear when they call you. Already have your own professional greeting? Send us the file, and we'll upload it to your mailbox.

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Unlimited Simultaneous Calls

Your Voice Mail Depot phone number can receive and handle unlimited phone calls at the same time. Our numbers utilize an unlimited pool of virtual phone lines, so your callers will never have to hear a busy signal again, even during peak hours of high call volume.

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Caller ID

Messages are saved with the caller's phone number attached, so you can find out who called you even if they don't leave any contact information.

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Fax to Email

Enable your phone number to receive incoming faxes. Faxes sent to your Voice Mail Depot phone number will be forwarded to your email as PDF attachments.

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Email & SMS Notifications

Need an alert every time someone leaves you a new message? SMS text notifications and email notifications are available at no extra cost.

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Stay Connected

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to your cell phone or other device and talk live with your callers. Ring multiple phone numbers with TalkLive.

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Call Screening

Know who's calling before you answer. You can always decide to accept the call, or reject the call and sent the caller to voicemail.

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Voice Mail to Email

Don't have time to login and check your messages on the go? Get your voice messages delivered to your email as WAV attachments.

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Business Virtual Office

Main Company Greeting

Record your own company greeting with instructions for your callers - Press 1 for Sales, 305 for Support, etc. - or let us record it for you! Convey a large, professional, business image with multiple options for your callers.

IVR & Auto Attendant

Your custom Automated Attendant will route callers to the appropriate destination based on the buttons they press. You have complete control of the call flow once your callers connect.

Unlimited Extensions

Your virtual phone system will expand as your business grows! With unlimited extensions, you can add a new extension to your IVR options whenever you like.

Music On Hold

Don't want your callers to hear ringing while the call is being connected? Keep your callers engaged with hold music.

Name Directory

Allow your callers to search for the extension they need using the letters on the phone keypad. Create your own company name directory using your employee names.

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Custom Setup / Special Requests

We know that your business is unique, so we're happy to discuss any custom requirements you may have. If it's possible, we'll make it happen for you.

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