Already have a great phone number, and don't want to lose it? No problem, you can easily transfer your existing local or toll free phone number to Voice Mail Depot. Keep your existing phone number, but dump your old phone company! Turn your existing phone number into a virtual business phone system!

What Do I Need to Know?

  • Number portability means you can keep your existing phone number and take it with you.

  • Both local phone numbers and toll-free phone numbers are eligible for number portability.

  • When you transfer your existing phone number to us, you own it! You are free to take that phone number with you to another carrier at any time.

  • You cannot port a disconnected or inactive phone number from another carrier.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does it take to transfer my phone number?

Port times may vary, depending on the carrier. However, most companies will usually transfer the phone number to us within 5 business days.

Does it cost anything to port my phone number?

No, there is no additional cost for porting a phone number. Simply sign up, choose your plan, and pay for your first month of service. Your cost is the same whether you get a new phone number, or port your existing phone number.

Do I have to keep my service active with the old carrier?

Yes, please make sure you keep your service active with the existing carrier until your phone number has been transferred to us. Disconnected or inactive phone numbers will be automatically rejected by the losing carrier.

Will my phone number be out of service at any time during the process?

No, your service should remain active with your existing carrier until the phone number is transferred to us. We will setup your phone number on our network ahead of time, so when your existing phone number is transferred, the change will be instant and seamless.

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