Let's face it, sometimes your callers forget to leave contact information. That's why Voice Mail Depot stores the Caller ID phone number information automatically with every message. Whenever you are listening to your messages, you will have the option to hear the phone number caller ID of the person who called you.

What Do I Need to Know?

  • Caller ID is included at no extra charge with every Voice Mail Depot phone number.

  • Caller ID phone number is saved automatically with each message.

  • Outside callers may be able to block or restrict caller ID information when dialing local numbers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I access the Caller ID information?

Whenever you are listening to your messages, press 3 to access the advanced options. Then press 3 again to hear the outside Caller ID phone number.

Why does the Caller ID sometimes say blocked or unavailable?

Outside callers are sometimes able to block or restrict Caller ID when making calls to other numbers. For example, dialing *67 before making a phone call from most cell phones will hide your cell phone number and make your Caller ID information show Blocked, Unavailable, or Restricted.

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