We know how important it is for your callers to be able to reach you when they need to. That's why all our phone numbers can handle unlimited simultaneous incoming phone calls at the same time. Our phone numbers share a virtually unlimited pool of phone trunks for maximum call capacity, even during times of peak call volume.

What Do I Need to Know?

  • Your phone number can handle unlimited inbound phone calls at the same time.

  • Other devices (like your cell phone) can usually only handle a couple of simultaneous inbound calls.

  • Your voicemail will continue to handle any overflow calls, even if your other devices are busy.

  • Unlimited simultaneous inbound calling is included at no charge with every virtual phone number we sell.

Frequently Asked Questions

What counts as a simultaneous call?

Whenever more than one phone call is actively engaged with your phone number at the same time, you are receiving simultaneous calls. Since your phone number can handle multiple calls simultaneously, you could be talking on your cell phone with one caller, another person could be in the process of leaving you a message, and a third person could be dialing your phone number and hearing the line start to ring - all at the same time.

Are the number of calls really unlimited?

Yes, although most other phone carriers and devices can only handle one or two simultaneous calls. Therefore, even though your Voice Mail Depot phone number can handle an unlimited amount of calls, you could not forward ten phone calls to your cell phone and answer them all simultaneously.

However, our virtual phone system still has you covered! Even if your cell phone or other device was ringing busy, your virtual phone system would still direct the caller to your voicemail instead of trying to connect to an unavailable device.

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