Even in the modern business world of today, some companies still use fax machines. Not a problem! Simply enable the Fax to Email feature on your Voice Mail Depot phone number, and your virtual phone number can start accepting incoming faxes. Any faxes received on your phone number will be forwarded to your email as PDF attachments.

What Do I Need to Know?

  • Fax-to-Email service is included at no extra charge with every Voice Mail Depot phone number.

  • Enabling fax detection on your phone number does not effect voice calls.

  • Our system will automatically detect if any incoming calls are from a fax machine.

  • Incoming faxes will be emailed to you as a PDF attachment.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the fax detection work?

The sending fax machine will make fax beeps and other signaling noises when transmitting a fax. For the first few seconds of every phone call, your phone number will be listening for these fax signals. If a fax noise is detected, the fax will be processed and emailed to you. If a fax signal is not detected within the first few seconds of the call, your phone number will continue to processing the voice call normally.

Do my callers need to press anything in order to send me a fax?

No, the fax detection occurs automatically. Sending a fax to your voicemail number is no different than sending a fax to any other fax machine. No special or confusing instructions required!

Can I get a phone number just for faxes?

Sure, we also offer Fax Only numbers. These phone numbers do not detect voice calls or record messages. All incoming phone calls to a Fax Only phone number will be treated like a fax machine.

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