Why are some phone numbers called "toll free"? Because it's always free of charge for anyone to call a toll-free phone number, even from pay phones.

Toll free numbers were traditionally used by large companies so customers would not have to pay any local or long distance toll charges when calling them. However, in our modern world of cell phones and unlimited calling plans, things like long distance and toll charges have mostly become a thing of the past.

Today, the main advantage of having a toll free number is being able to advertise your business everywhere - nationwide - using a single phone number.

What Do I Need to Know?

  • Toll Free phone numbers are often used to convey a large, professional, business presence.

  • Toll-Free numbers are expected for things like customer service and reservation lines.

  • Toll-Free phone numbers allow your customers to reach you without being charged for the call.

  • Anyone who does business in more than one area code or location should consider a toll free number.

  • Anyone who is advertising or marketing a phone number to generate income should consider using a toll free number (more people are likely to call if it's free).

  • All toll free numbers include our same great features like voicemail, auto attendant, unlimited extensions, caller ID, voicemail and fax to email, SMS text alerts, and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between 1-800 and 877 or 866 numbers?

There is no difference, other than the beginning numbers. All of these prefixes: 1-800 / 1-888 / 1-877 / 1-866 / 1-855 / 1-844 are considered "toll free", and all of these toll-free phone numbers work exactly the same way. Over the years, new toll free prefixes have been added whenever the national toll free number stock starts running low.

How much does it cost me when people call my toll free number?

Toll-free numbers are billed at a flat rate of 2.5 cents per minute. Unlike most other toll free service providers who make you choose a monthly plan that only includes a certain number of minutes, we keep it simple - you only pay for what you use! And the best part is that everyone pays the same ridiculously low flate rate. We'll even give your first 100 minutes free every month. With Voice Mail Depot, it's easy and affordable to have your own toll-free number!

Can I pick my own toll-free phone number?

Sure, we want you to pick a great phone number for your business - something easy to remember, and ideally something that spells part of your company name or the name of the service you are providing. We won't even charge you anything - you can search for custom vanity phone numbers absolutely free!

Can I pick a true "800" number?

Yes! We have all toll free prefixes in stock, including 800, 888, 877, 866, 855, and 844. However, true 800 phone numbers are no longer being issued, so our stock is limited. Get yours today, before they're gone!

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