Call forwarding allows you to use your voicemail as a virtual answering machine for a phone line you already have. Call forwarding can be put on most existing phone numbers, and allows calls to be forwarded from that number to your voicemail. Please note that we do not sell or activate call forwarding. The following is only an overview of the different types of call forwarding that may be offered by your local phone company.

Variable Call Forwarding:
  • Allows calls to be forwarded automatically without your phone line ringing
  • You control when and when not to forward your incoming calls to voicemail
  • Forwarding is manually activated and deactivated from your telephone

Delay Call Forwarding:

  • Gives you the option to answer the phone before the call gets transferred to voicemail
  • Allows you to set a specific number of times that the phone will ring before the call is transferred to voicemail

Busy Call Forwarding:

  • Prevents your callers from getting a busy signal while your telephone line is in use by transferring the call to voicemail

Remote Call Forwarding:

  • Most commonly used when someone terminates their local telephone service and wants to prevent their callers from receiving a disconnect message
  • Calls are immediately forwarded from your old telephone number into your voicemail without the line ringing
  • Callers are unaware of the call forwarding



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